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It’s time to create quality jobs in Silicon Valley.

Poverty jobs are squeezing far too many women, people of color, and Silicon Valley families. We can change that.

Santa Clara County passed the most comprehensive living wage policy in the nation. This means:

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The County of Santa Clara has 17,000 employees and $2.25 billion in contracts. The living wage policy ensures those taxpayer dollars don't subsidize poverty, by providing fair wages and job standards for County government workers and employees of contractors.

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Living wage wins at Silicon Valley’s second largest employer

By | August 11

Today the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors voted to extend the nation’s most comprehensive living wage to the 17,000 workers employed directly by the County government. This expands the original ordinance we passed in December, which covered for-profit contractors doing business with the County. Now, we need your help to create good jobs in…

Action needed: Big living wage vote on August 11

By | August 6

Last December, you helped Santa Clara County pass the nation’s most comprehensive living wage policy, right here in the heart of Silicon Valley, for thousands of service employees who work for the County on contract. On Tuesday, August 11, we have the chance to extend the same protections to nearly 17,000 employees of the County…

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A Living Wage Means

  • Better Jobs for Working Families

    Hard-working employees of County contractors shouldn't live in poverty. By providing fair wages, healthcare and sick leave benefits, and steady full-time work, a living wage helps County workers join the middle class. For women — who are disproportionately concentrated in low-wage service occupations — the living wage provides access to quality jobs with equal pay. And by banning contractors from punishing employees who exercise their labor rights, a living wage policy gives workers a voice in their workplace.

  • Smarter Policy for Our County

    A comprehensive living wage policy ensures taxpayer money serves the public interest. Workers who earn more, can take care of their health, and have predictable schedules provide more reliable service to our County. Decent wages mean contracted employees don't have to rely on the County's social safety net. Sick days and healthcare promote public health. And these benefits come without significantly raising costs — in other cities and counties, living wages have cost less than 0.1% of the jurisdiction's budget.

  • Stronger Communities for All of Us

    A living wage benefits far more than just the workers it directly covers. Workers with sick days can stay home with children and relatives when they get ill. Predictable schedules and flexible hours make it easier for parents to arrange reliable child care and be there for their kids. Business and our economy grow when workers have more money to spend in local stores. Local and targeted hiring practices help our diverse communities access quality jobs created by the living wage. And since women and minorities are disproportionately employed in low-wage jobs, improving wages and working conditions shrinks the gender gap and creates a more equitable Silicon Valley.

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