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Aug 26


“I get paid twice a month. One check goes to the rent, and one check goes to food, card bills, gas, PG&E and cell phone. I can’t afford losing one day of work; I don’t get benefits, I don’t get health insurance. I’m forced to work 16, 18 hours a day. We need a living wage.”

– Omar Vasquez, bus driver for private company

Do you have or know a story like Omar’s? County government needs to hear it. Tell your story here.

The Santa Clara County Human Relations Commission hosted two back-to-back town hall meetings  Monday to collect public testimony on the cost of living in Silicon Valley.

The stories were plentiful, all focused on a growing crisis of a living wage gap in Silicon Valley.

If you missed the meetings, you can still take action. Submit written testimony about why we need a living wage now.

The County needs to hear that the cost of living alone is not the problem. The problem is the living wage gap: the gap between high costs and low wages.

Make sure your voice is included when the County publishes its report. The County can act NOW to close the living wage gap by passing the nation’s most comprehensive living wage policy.

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