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Big announcements by Clinton and T-Mobile as Santa Clara County is poised for action

Workers cheer Hillary Clinton's announcement of support for fair workweek

Hillary Clinton just announced her support of fair workweek

Update: The vote on whether to extend living wage to County employees was deferred to August 11, 2015. RSVP here to show your support in August!


The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors is expected to vote next week on extending living wage protections to nearly 17,000 workers as momentum for this kind of policy builds around the country.

Can you be there?

The Board approved the nation’s most comprehensive living wage ordinance last year, protecting service workers paid through the $2.25 billion that the County spends every year on contracts. This ordinance provided a $19.06 wage, earned sick days, incentives for employer-paid health coverage and retirement, but it was also the first of its kind to protect workers from abusive schedules that force them into last-minute lives. Protected workers will be provided access to increased hours for part-timers and the right to request predictable and flexible schedules that allow them to plan a second job, further education, or child care.

Now, the Board will consider whether to give the same protections to its own employees. With nearly 17,000 workers, the County government is the second largest employer in Silicon Valley.

Can you be there for living wage?

Tuesday, June 23

8:45 am

County Building – Board Chambers

70 West Hedding, San Jose

This vote represents a critical moment not only for Santa Clara County, but for a growing national movement of which the Silicon Valley Living Wage has been a leader. San Francisco is the only other jurisdiction that has passed similar fair workweek legislation.  But just this weekend, Hillary Clinton announced her support for the issue, saying “I believe you should receive your work schedule in advance enough to arrange for childcare.” And today, T-Mobile workers won a long fight to end scheduling practices that punished workers for getting sick.

All eyes are on this issue. We must not flinch from our leadership role in this movement.

Join us Tuesday for living wage and fair workweek for Silicon Valley’s second largest employer.

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