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Living wage violator owes $19.2 million to workers and taxpayers

Republic LW violation

The second largest waste and recycling company in the world owes more than $19 million to San Jose residents and local workers.

The City ordered Republic Services a year ago to pay back wages and fines for violating wage law, but they have flouted the order, refused to pay, and continued shorting their workers, saying that the law doesn’t apply to them.

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Republic Services, which runs the Newby Island Landfill and processes San Jose’s recyclables, has been found to be underpaying its workers since 2011. It now owes them back wages of $4.8 million. And it owes the City of San Jose a fine of $14.4 million for violating the living wage policy. Republic is hanging onto millions of dollars that belong in the pockets of low-wage workers and the coffers of a City that has gone through brutal budget cuts to police, fire, parks, libraries and other essential services.

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