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Working Partnerships USA is a community organization that drives the movement for a just economy by bringing together public policy innovation and the power of grassroots organizing. We build the capacity of workers, low-income neighborhoods and communities of color to lead and govern. Based in Silicon Valley, we tackle the root causes of inequality and poverty by leading collaborative campaigns for quality jobs, healthy communities, equitable growth and vibrant democracy.

Working Partnerships USA launched its new strategic plan, Building an Inclusive Economy for All 2015-2018.

Read about our goals to

  • Improve the wages, benefits and working conditions for 100,000 low-wage workers;
  • Reduce climate impacts and increase access to affordable housing and transit;
  • Achieve universal health coverage in Santa Clara County and
  • Grow our organized voter base to 60,000 and engage them in advancing policies for shared prosperity.

Our accomplishments include:

Good Jobs and Fair Wages | Read More

  • Raise the Wage - Developed the policy and community organizing strategy which led to passage of a city-wide minimum wage increase from $8 to $10 an hour with annual cost of living adjustments for all private sector workers in San Jose delivering a wage increase for an estimated 80,000 workers (2012). Stood with our friends to win minimum wage increases in Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara and Palo Alto in 2014-15.
  • Silicon Valley Rising - Gained national attention for Tech's Diversity Problem with our research on the black and brown low-wage workforce that is subcontracted by the tech industry. Supported low-wage workers to win a voice at work at subcontractors for Apple, Facebook, Genentech, Google Express, Yahoo and Zynga through the Silicon Valley Rising coalition.
  • Silicon Valley Living Wage - Led the coalition campaign winning coverage at Santa Clara County of 17,000 workers and billions of dollars of contracts with the nation's most comprehensive living wage ordinance
  • Construction Careers - Led the collaborative to design and launch a green pre-apprenticeship pipeline for local disadvantaged workers, with an emphasis on low-income women, veterans and under-represented minorities. The collaborative has expanded and is now scaling up the classes, aligning workforce and apprenticeship systems, and working to connect graduates to jobs via targeted hiring policies.
  • San Jose Living Wage Ordinance - Led the campaign for a 2008 San Jose ordinance to expand living wage requirements and labor peace to more than 7,600 workers (1998).
  • Life in the Valley Economy - Working PartnershipS USA's annual economic report, known as the LIVE report, which evaluates the state of working families in Silicon Valley.

Access to Quality Healthcare | Read More

  • Universal Coverage - Led the work group to achieve universal health coverage in Santa Clara County by covering undocumented and other residents who still lack insurance
  • Santa Clara County Affordable Care Act (ACA) Stakeholder Group - Launched a multi-sector stakeholder organization with the county of Santa Clara designed to ensure successful implementation of the ACA which is developing successful models for service delivery, workforce development, and health prevention strategies.
  • Healthy Workers - Developed a new model for providing affordable health insurance to uninsured adults working for small businesses in Santa Clara County, which was launched in 2010.
  • Children's Health Initiative - Pioneered a program in 2001, which now provides health coverage to more than 121,000 Santa Clara County children and has been replicated in seventeen counties.
  • Future Healthcare Workforce - Launched an innovative collaborative to train low-wage health care workers, moving them towards promotions and quality jobs.
  • Enrolling Californians - Partnered with SEIU Local 521 to run the largest phone bank in the state to outreach and educate over 70,000 Californians on the importance of getting health coverage for their families, and referred them to get enrolled into health insurance through Covered California (2013).

Government Accountability and Reform | Read More

  • Affordable Housing - With an incredible regional housing coalition, co-led the effort to win $50 million in annual funding for affordable housing in San Jose, Mountain View and Sunnyvale (2014-15). Worked to pass an inclusionary zoning ordinance for affordable housing in San Jose (2008) and increase affordable housing funding from the county of Santa Clara (2012).
  • Community Budget Working Group - Through coordinated campaigns with the Community Budget Working Group and our leadership network we have won hundreds of millions of dollars in public funding for community priorities including senior services, youth programs, parks and street repair, our public hospital and social safety net.
  • City of San Jose's Competition Policy - Shaped the San Jose policy to safeguard against negative impacts on city service quality (2009).
  • Limiting Negative Impacts of Big Box Stores - Led a successful community effort to propose and advocate a new Santa Clara City ordinance to limit the building of 'Big Box' stores within city limits (2009).
  • Expanded Public Transportation - Spearheaded the creation of the RIDE Task Force, a first-of-its kind committee that gives community groups an institutional voice in transit policy, advocated the expansion of the Santa Clara County Light Rail system to San Jose's East Side, and staved off cuts to bus service.

Civic Engagement and Empowering Leaders | Read More

  • Voter Engagement - Built an organized base of more than 40,000 voters of color in Silicon Valley who believe in shared prosperity and fiscal reform. Engaged these voters in winning Proposition 47, putting billions of dollars into education and mental health and restoring voting rights for tens of thousands of Californians.
  • 1000 Leaders Project - Graduated over 700 Silicon Valley particiapnts from leadership development programs to prepare the top tier of community leaders to serve in public office and head key civic institutions. Replicated these innovative training models with partners in over a dozen regions across the country, whose programs have graduated nearly 700 alumni.
  • Lead the Vote Campaign - Registered, educated, and engaged more than 14,000 young Vietnamese and Latino voters in 10 months (2012).
  • Vietnamese Voter Project - Designed and implemented the first ever in-language statewide civic engagement program with Vietnamese voters, increasing Vietnamese voter turnout by 13% in California's general election (2012).
  • The Interfaith Council on Economics and Justice - Convenes South Bay clergy and laity to foster a progressive faith-based voice.
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