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2017.03.14 Tech Stands Up: Silicon Valley rally held against Trump
Source: Aljazeera    (Cached)
2017.03.13 San Jose's 'opportunity to work' law goes into effect
Source: Silicon Valley Business Journal    (Cached)
2017.03.13 City ordinance affecting San Jose part-time workers' hours goes into effect today
Source: KTVU    (Cached)
2017.02.23 Uber Wants Fleeing Customers to Know It's Hurting
Source: E-Commerce Times    (Cached)
2017.02.02 Uber CEO Kalanick Quits Trump Economic Council
Source: CBS SF Bay Area    (Cached)
2017.02.02 Uber CEO Resigns His Post With Trump Advisory Council
Source: NBC Bay Area    (Cached)
2017.02.02 Uber CEO leaves Trump council, Tesla CEO Elon Musk to stay
Source: The Mecury News    (Cached)
2017.01.31 Silicon Valley Up in Arms Over Proposed H-1B Overhaul
Source: E-Commerce Times    (Cached)
2017.01.31 San Jose City Council approves critical change to rent control policy
Source: The Mecury News    (Cached)
2017.01.30 Silicon Valley private security guards win union representation
Source: Silicon Valley Business Journal    (Cached)
2017.01.14 Santa Clara supes OK $309k in homeless job training
Source: SF BAY    (Cached)
2017.01.13 Bus Drivers Working Alongside Silicon Valley Millionaires Struggle to Afford Rent, Some Sleep in Cars
Source: abc News    (Cached)
2016.12.30 Minimum wage: Bay Area cities prepare for increases in 2017
Source: Mercury News    (Cached)
2016.12.15 Tech Leaders, Trump Team Search for Common Ground
Source: TechNewsWorld    (Cached)
2016.11.26 Local Governments Arrive on Schedule to Buttress Part-Time Workers
Source: The Wall Street Journal    (Cached)
2016.11.16 San Jose Workers Win $15 Hourly Wage, in Heart of Silicon Valley
Source: Equal Voice for Families    (Cached)
2016.11.15 San Jose Union, Labor Leaders Want to Accelerate $15 an Hour Minimum Wage Increase
Source: NBC Bay Area    (Cached)
2016.11.09 How Silicon Valley business fared on key ballot measures
Source: Silicon Valley Business Journal    (Cached)
2016.11.08 Election 2016: Measure E — Opportunity to Work
Source: Silicon Valley Business Journal    (Cached)
2016.10.31 Transit Allies Fight for Share of Sales Tax
Source: Reimagine    (Cached)
2016.10.12 The Battle of Hastings: What’s Behind the Netflix CEO’s Fight to Charterize Public Schools?
Source: Capital & Main    (Cached)
2016.10.12 Minimum wage law reviewed
Source: Los Altos Town Crier    (Cached)
2016.10.11 DoL Suit Highlights Asian Glass Ceiling in Tech
Source: E-Commerce Times    (Cached)
2016.10.05  The Silicon Valley Union Victories You Haven’t Heard Of
Source: The Nation    (Cached)
2016.09.28 Palo Alto requires $15 minimum wage by 2019
Source: Mercury News    (Cached)
2016.09.23 The Politics Of Economic Anxiety: How the California Dream is Slipping Away
Source: KQED    
2016.08.16 Supes endorse San Jose ballot initiative that would give part-time workers more hours
Source: KRON4    (Cached)
2016.07.25 INTERVIEW: Inside the Movement For Silicon Valley’s “Invisible Workforce,” Part II
Source: Model View Culture    (Cached)
2016.07.25 INTERVIEW: Inside the Movement For Silicon Valley’s “Invisible Workforce”
Source: Model View Culture    (Cached)
2016.06.29 Desechan iniciativa de horas extra en San José
Source: Univision    
2016.06.29 San Jose voters to decide on 'Opportunity to Work'
Source: The Mercury News    (Cached)
2016.06.29 San Jose mayor to write ballot argument against part-time worker measure
Source: San Jose Business Journal
2016.06.28 Exigen más horas laborales para empleados
Source: Univision    
Source: ABC7    (Cached)
2016.06.27 Ballot Measure Would Boost Hours for Part-Time Workers
Source: San Jose Inside    (Cached)
2016.06.15 The Invisible Silicon Valley
Source: U.S. Department of Labor Blog    (Cached)
2016.06.10 Silicon Valley $15 by 2019 regional minimum wage gets big boost from Cities Association vote
Source: Silicon Valley Business Journal    (Cached)
2016.06.03 Silicon Valley: Half-cent transit tax going to voters
Source: The Mercury News    (Cached)
2016.06.03 VTA unanimously puts transportation tax measure on November ballot
Source: Silicon Valley Business Journal    (Cached)
2016.05.25 San Jose will study measure to boost hours for part-time employees
Source: The Mercury News    (Cached)
2016.05.23 Brownstein: San Jose rent control law still falls far short of the need
Source: The Mercury News    (Cached)
2016.05.19 Fight for Full Time
Source: Shelterforce    (Cached)
2016.05.12 San Jose Fails to Pass Rent Hike Protections
Source: KPFA 94.1-FM    
2016.05.02  $15 an Hour Won't Help These Workers
Source: The Nation    (Cached)
2016.04.28 Ten arrested at rally to support unionization of Intel cafeteria workers
Source: Silicon Valley Business Journal    (Cached)
2016.04.26 Silicon Valley part-time workers file petition to work more hours
Source: SFGATE    (Cached)
2016.04.26 Measure to boost part-time worker hours headed for November ballot
Source: Silicon Valley Business Journal    (Cached)
2016.04.25 San Jose dumps proposal to evict tenants for criminal activity
Source: San Jose Mercury News    (Cached)
2016.04.22 Teamsters To Organize California Uber Drivers Association
Source: BuzzFeed News    (Cached)
2016.04.21 Study reveals earnings crisis in San Jose
Source: Univision    
2016.04.21 Underemployment a continuing problem for Silicon Valley
Source: Silicon Valley Business Journal    (Cached)
2016.04.21 Workers, Advocates and Employers Weigh in on Fair Scheduling Practices
Source: WDTV    (Cached)
2016.04.21 The Real Gig Economy: Why You Should Care About Contract Workers in Tech
Source: Medium    (Cached)
2016.04.20 Workers' next big fight: Fairer scheduling
Source: CBS Money Watch    (Cached)
2016.04.18 San Jose: Advocates push to raise minimum wage sooner than state
Source: East Bay Times    (Cached)
2016.04.08 The $15 Minimum Wage Wins Where Silicon Valley Fails Hard
Source: Wired    (Cached)
2016.04.02 Tech-firm food workers push for higher wages
Source: San Francisco Chronicle    (Cached)
2016.04.01 Wins in cities paved way for California's minimum wage hike
Source: The Sacramento Bee    (Cached)

2016.03.31 Tech’s "Invisible" Workforce - KQED News (Audio)
Source: KQED News    
2016.03.30 Important Study Looks At Silicon Valley's "Invisible" Low Wage Workers
Source: Campaign for America's Future    (Cached)
2016.03.30 Silicon Valley subcontracting makes income inequality worse, report finds
Source: The Quardian    (Cached)
2016.03.30 What we know about the people who clean the floors in Silicon Valley
Source: The Washington Post    (Cached)
2016.03.25 Special Series: A Hip Hop Artist Pursues Progress in Silicon Valley
Source: Equal Voice    (Cached)
2016.03.01 Here's How Much Silicon Valley Tech Workers Make
Source: The Huffington Post    (Cached)
2016.02.24 The Place Where the Poor Once Thrived
Source: The Atlantic    (Cached)
2016.02.18 Seizing this moment for Bay Area workers
Source: The San Francisco Foundation    (Cached)
2016.02.11 Seth Sternberg: 'Gig' economy can leave workers, families behind
Source: Mercury News    (Cached)
2016.02.16 San Jose Workers Ask for More Work Hours
Source: Noticias Univision 14    
2016.02.11 Cafeteria Workers At Intel Are Protesting
Source: BuzzFeed News    (Cached)
2016.02.11 Silicon Valley's Wealth Gap
Source: The Nation    (Cached)
2016.02.09 Bus Riders Step Up for Better Service
Source: Reimagine!    (Cached)
2016.02.03 Working for a Better Future
Source: Medium    (Cached)
2016.01.28 Silicon Valley's poorest workers tell government 'we can't live like this'
Source: The Guardian    (Cached)
2016.01.27 Washington Turns An Eye To Income Inequality In Silicon Valley
Source: BuzzFeed News    (Cached)
2016.01.26 Workers, Activists Meet With U.S. Labor Secretary Over 'Gig' Jobs That Offer No Benefits
Source: CBS SF    (Cached)
2016.01.25 Opportunity To Work Initiative - First of Its Kind in the Nation
Source: The Left Hook    (Cached)
2016.01.25 San Jose community members deliver initiative for more hours to part-time workers
Source: KRON 4    (Cached)
2016.01.25 New initiative would force San Jose employers to offer more hours to part-timers before hiring additional staff
Source: Silicon Valley Business Journal    (Cached)
2016.01.25 Silicon Valley Rising Fights To Give Part-Timers "Opportunity to Work"
Source: Campaign for America's Future    (Cached)
2016.01.25 Ballot measure in San Jose would boost hours for part-time employees
Source: Mercury News    (Cached)
2016.01.21 Honor(TM) To Make Caregivers Employees With Benefits
Source: IT News Online    (Cached)

2015.12.31 Rumblings of rent control in Silicon Valley in 2015
Source: Silicon Valley Business Journal    (Cached)
2015.12.30 Ten of the Best Things That Happened to American Workers in 2015
Source: The Huffington Post    (Cached)
2015.11.24 Tech shuttle drivers in Silicon Valley negotiate wage hike
Source: Computerworld    (Cached)
2015.11.17 Health Care Pilot Program Is Approved in Calif. County
Source: Equal Voice    (Cached)
2015.11.13 Uber-noxious
Source: ROOFLINES    (Cached)
Source: New Economy Week    (Cached)
2015.10.28 Derecka Mehrens Speaks at the Delegate Assembly
Source: IFPTE LOCAL 21    (Cached)
2015.10.20 Tech's Support Staff Talks Low Wages, Insecurity
Source: MissionLocal    (Cached)
2015.10.19 The On-Demand Economy Should Be Challenged By Workers
Source: The Huffington Post    (Cached)
2015.10.18 Tech's low-wage workers disrupt the disruptors
Source: Aljazeera America    (Cached)
2015.10.14 Tech Companies: Listen Up, and Speak out on Climate Change
Source: The Huffington Post    (Cached)
2015.10.13 Rene Santiago and Bob Brownstein: Set the bar high for Blue Mountain deal for Daughters' hospitals
Source: Mercury News    (Cached)
2015.10.02 Unions and tech: A most unlikely political alliance forms
Source: San Francisco Chronicle    (Cached)

2015.09.11 Quinn: Silicon Valley's stealthy, selfish war on taxes
Source: Mercury News    (Cached)
2015.09.09 Labor vs. Silicon Valley, David vs. Goliath?
Source: MSNBC    
2015.09.07 Silicon Valley's Labor Uprising
Source: IN THESE TIMES    (Cached)
2015.08.23 Diversity can be helped through 'cultural competency': Experts
Source: CNBC    (Cached)
2015.08.11 The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays - August 11, 2015
Source: KPFA    (Cached)
2015.07.30 Silicon Valley Tech Giants Start To Raise Workers' Wages
Source: Here & Now    (Cached)
2015.07.27 Poll shows strong support for rent control in San Jose
Source: Silicon Valley Business Journal    (Cached)
2015.07.21 Immigrants Help Lead a New Silicon Valley Labor Movement
Source: KQED    (Cached)
2015.07.17 High Tech and New Media: Organized Labor's New Frontier
Source: National Law Review    (Cached)
2015.07.14 Growing Labor Movement Shakes Up Silicon Valley
Source: KQED Radio

2015.05.14 Quinn: Occupy, Silicon Valley style
Source: Mercury News    (Cached)
2015.04.23 Google search: Inclusion of minorities, women becomes priority in tech industry
Source: Fox News Latino    (Cached)
2015.04.11 Fight over low pay, unpredictable work schedules
Source: The Sacramento Bee    (Cached)

2015.03.31 Quinn: Silicon Valley becomes epicenter of social change
Source: Mercury News    (Cached)
2015.03.26 From Microsoft, a Novel Way to Mandate Sick Leave
Source: New York Times    (Cached)
2015.03.24 Silicon Valley Tech Titans: How Can They Help Solve Poverty And Inequality?
Source: Tech Times    (Cached)
2015.03.23 A rising Silicon Valley doesn't lift all boats
Source: CNN    (Cached)
2015.03.10 The New Silicon Valley Movement That Is Taking on the Tech Giants
Source: The Nation    (Cached)
2015.03.09 A rising Silicon Valley doesn't lift all boats
Source: Aljazeera America    (Cached)
2015.03.07 Sonoma County wage-raise advocates look to models in other counties
Source: The Press Democrat    (Cached)
2015.03.05 Silicon Valley Rising Fights for Worker Justice
Source: The Huffington Post    (Cached)
2015.03.05 Silicon Valley's low-wage mess: How Apple was forced to revamp its subcontracting scheme
Source: Salon    (Cached)
2015.03.05 Apple will replace contract security guards with full-time employees in Silicon Valley
Source: MacWorld AU    (Cached)
2015.03.05 Can Silicon Valley help expand the middle class?
Source: The Week    (Cached)
2015.03.04 Silicon Valley Rising Fights for Worker Justice
Source:    (Cached)
2015.03.03 Apple will replace contract security guards with full-time employees in Silicon Valley
Source: PCWorld    (Cached)
2015.02.04 Diversity in tech: 10 data points you should know
Source: TechRepublic    (Cached)
2015.01.20 Bay Area Boom: Where's the Prosperity for Lower-Wage Workers?
Source: KQED Radio    (Cached)

( Cached MP3 file)

2014.12.31 New Sunnyvale minimum wage effective on New Year's Day
Source: Mercury News    (Cached)
2014.12.23 Push is on for living wage for in-home care workers
Source: Petaluma 360    (Cached)
2014.12.19 Silicon Valley County Passes $19.06 Wage for Contractors
Source: Equal Voice    (Cached)
2014.12.18 Sunnyvale to increase developer fee, gives boost to affordable housing
Source: Mercury News    (Cached)
2014.12.17 Teamsters, Consumers And Community Protest UNFI Shareholders Meeting
Source: CNN Money    (Cached)
2014.12.16 Living Wage Ordinance passed in Santa Clara County
Source: SEIU Local 521    (Cached)
2014.12.10 Santa Clara supervisors insist companies doing business with county pay workers $19.06 an hour
Source: Mercury News    (Cached)
2014.12.10 Santa Clara County Supervisors Approve Living Wage Measure: $19.06 Per Hour
Source: NBC Bay Area    (Cached)
2014.12.10 Supes Pass First-Ever Santa Clara County 'Living Wage' Plan
Source: Palo Alto Patch    (Cached)
2014.12.09 Living wage measure moves forward in Santa Clara
Source: Silicon Valley Business Journal    (Cached)
2014.12.09 Santa Clara County Sets Progressive Living Wage Standards
Source: The Left Hook    (Cached)
2014.12.09 Supervisors OK county's first living-wage plan
Source: Mountain View Voice    (Cached)
2014.12.09 'Living Wage' Requirement Approved For Companies, Non-Profits With Santa Clara County Contracts
Source: CBS SF    (Cached)

KCBS  KCBS Radio Coverage #1
 KCBS Radio Coverage #2
 KCBS Radio Coverage #3
2014.11.28 Bob Brownstein: Mayor Chuck Reed's legacy is that of Divider-in-Chief
Source: Mercury News    (Cached)
2014.11.25 Food-Service Switch at Intel Exposes Divisions in Silicon Valley
Source: The Wall Street Journal    (Cached)
2014.11.24 Intel cafeteria workers at center of latest union action aimed at Silicon Valley companies
Source: Silicon Valley Business Journal    (Cached)
2014.11.21 Facebook shuttle drivers vote to form union
Source: The Almanac    (Cached)
2014.11.19 Silicon Valley Set to Gain More Affordable Housing
Source: Equal Voice    (Cached)
2014.11.19 Facebook bus drivers unionize amid concern about work conditions
Source: CIO    (Cached)
2014.11.19 Santa Clara County: Vote on living wage ordinance delayed
Source: Mercury News    (Cached)
2014.11.18 Capital of costly Silicon Valley takes biggest step in years to help struggling renters
Source: Mercury News    (Cached)
2014.11.18 Facebook shuttle drivers rally for right to unionize
Source: abc7 News    (Cached)
2014.10.27 Luisa Blue and Michele Lew: Living wage represents Silicon Valley's pathway out of poverty
Source: Mercury News    (Cached)
2014.10.24 Everybody Thinks Google's New Domain for Latinos Is for Vegans
Source: COSMOPOLITAN    (Cached)
2014.10.17 Nearly 300 Share Stories on High Cost of Living in Silicon Valley
Source: San Jose Inside    (Cached)
2014.10.16 Campaign Grows for Santa Clara County Living Wage in
Source: Beyond Chron    (Cached)
2014.10.14 Allies come together for living wage in Santa Clara County
Source: SEIU Local 521    (Cached)
2014.10.13 Google's Silicon Valley hometown targets $15 minimum wage
Source: Silicon Valley Business Journals    (Cached)
2014.10.13 After Google and Facebook labor wins, Silicon Valley government contractors under fire
Source: Silicon Valley Business Journals    (Cached)
2014.10.02 Brian Davis: Big tobacco targeting S.J.'s youth with $1 deals
Source: Mercury News    (Cached)

2014.09.18 Working for Tech Giants: Latinos Can't Get a Break!
Source: National Council of La Raza    (Cached)
2014.08.27 Silicon Valley labor groups target tech 'segregation' in push to raise wages
Source: Silicon Valley Business Journals    (Cached)
2014.08.26 Blacks, Latinos Dominate Silicon Valley's 'Invisible Workforce'
Source: The Wall Street Journal    (Cached)
2014.08.25 Report: Tech creating black, Hispanic underclass
Source: USA Today    (Cached)
2014.08.15 Voices: Silicon Valley has a diversity deficit
Source: USA Today    (Cached)
2014.08.15 High-tech's service workers are a growing underclass
Source: USA Today    (Cached)

2014.06.26 Higher pay, sick days, business ratings: Santa Clara County mulls big labor changes
Source: Silicon Valley Business Journals    (Cached)

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