Working Families Index
Through a new project, the Working Families Index, Working Partnerships USA aims to involve our allies in redefining economic progress in Silicon Valley.  The Working Families Index will evaluate the performance of our region’s economy based not on venture capital investment or number of patents, but from the perspective of ordinary families trying to make a living and secure their future.  By looking at the ways in which economic shifts and associated policy changes over the past five years have affected people’s lives, we will highlight working families’ urgent needs today and the importance of policy-making that makes meeting these needs a priority.

Using economic and demographic data for 2000 through 2005, the Working Families Index will model the experiences of a set of “benchmark households” representing the diverse types of working and middle-class families who make up the population of Santa Clara County.  The Index will analyze the benchmark families’ situation in five indicator areas:

  • Making a Living
  • Seeking Security
  • Staying Healthy
  • Building a Community
  • Pursuing the Dream

An Advisory Board made up of representatives from community organizations, local unions, communities of faith, and academics will guide the development of the Index to ensure that it is accessible and useful to our allies and their constituents.

This project will be a key part of our broader effort to build a powerful progressive movement that is unified around an achievable vision.

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