Current Land Use Projects

Transit Development – Working Partnerships USA is an active member of the Diridon Station Good Neighbor Committee and other community-based groups developing policy recommendations on the future of Diridon Station and the surrounding area, which is planned to be the transportation and entertainment hub of San Jose and the Bay Area.  

The station’s growth could make it the most connected transit hub in the state with the addition of BART, which is now being extended into San Jose, and high-speed rail. This central city area is also the focus of an indoor sports and entertainment arena, HP Pavilion, a proposed Major League baseball park and commercial and residential projects.  We seek development of the area that produces quality jobs, promotes social equity and makes public transit accessible and affordable. More information, contact Brian Darrow.

San Jose General Plan Revision: Working Partnerships USA was a member of the Envision San Jose 2040 Task Force which steered the city’s General Plan Update, a multi-year process that will guide land-use decisions in San Jose for the next three decades. 

We helped create a General Plan that reflects the vision and values of the entire community and promotes smart growth by addressing the impacts of land use planning on health, promoting shared economic prosperity through sound land use and ensuring equity in distribution of public resources. For more information, contact Brian Darrow.

Limiting Negative Impacts of "Big Box" Stores. We work with South Bay community groups to ensure the building of new big box stores do not reduce quality of life and protect small businesses. In 2008, WPUSA led a successful community effort to propose and advocate a new Santa Clara City ordinance to limit the building big box stores within city limits. More information, contact Derecka Mehrens.

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