Health Insurance for Children
  • Pioneered the Children’s Health Initiative (CHI), a first-in-the-nation effort to achieve universal health insurance coverage for children on a countywide level. Launched in 2001, CHI has provided health coverage to more than 121,000 Santa Clara County kids.
  • Provided technical assistance to numerous California counties in setting up their own Children’s Health Initiatives.  CHI has now been replicated in seventeen counties and been proposed as a statewide program.

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Health Insurance for Working Adults

  • In partnership with the UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education, published a 2006 study sounding the alarm on the decline in job-based health coverage in California and the United States.

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  • Developed Kaiser STEPS, an insurance product to address the health care needs of contingent workers, which from 2001-2005 provided over 4,000 temp workers and family members with low-cost, portable health benefits.

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Strengthening the Health Care Delivery System

  • In 2002, led a drive to improve staffing and quality of care standards at the five major area hospitals, including release of a report revealing hazardous conditions caused by understaffing that spurred the formation of a Health Care Advisory Commission in Santa Clara County.
  • Prevented proposed staffing cuts at the East Side’s Regional Medical Center in 2004.
  • Lead efforts to maintain funding for the public health safety net in 2006.
  • Leveraged economic development to promote increased access to health care services.

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Health Care Legislation

  • Advanced statewide legislation to provide comprehensive reforms addressing the health care crisis. Most recently, we helped develop Senate Bill 437 to expand children’s health coverage; SB 437 became law in Sept. 2006.
To address the financial crisis faced by the Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital System, in 2005-06 Working Partnerships USA worked to develop a safety net funding strategy. We served as the lead community organization that pulled together a major collaborative effort by leaders from the community, business, labor, faith, health care, and nonprofit sectors that came together to support that strategy, placed on the ballot as Measure A. Though the measure did not pass, it laid the groundwork for a long-term strategy, and the new coalition remains committed to finding ways to keep our health care safety net functioning.

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