Health Care: Affordable, Quality Access for All
Working Partnerships strives to ensure that all families have access to quality health services and a strong health delivery system. Through a deep connection with our constituents, innovative policy thinking, and experience at building effective coalitions, Working Partnerships seeks to build local health care programs that can be replicated in other regions or serve as a statewide model for change. More.

Government Accountability and Reform: Open, Fair Decision Making
Working Partnerships USA believes everyone should have a voice in how government works. We support a decision making process that is open, authentic, and represents a board range of interests. Our work in this area includes tracking and taking action on local government decisions on budgeting and land use, fiscal policy, vital public service preservation, and the creation and retention of high-quality jobs. Learn more

Economic Research and Analysis: Building Shared Prosperity
Through economic research and analysis, Working Partnerships USA seeks to transform the discussion about the New Economy, exposing income inequality and the middle-class squeeze.   Our work and the dialog it provokes form the foundation for new policy and business models that address the urgent economic challenges facing Silicon Valley's working families. The resulting local initiatives model innovative, replicable approaches to building an economy that generates broadly shared prosperity. More.

Organizing and Leadership Development: Social Change through Coalition Building
Working Partnerships USA builds grass roots coalitions that improve the lives of working families by advancing our policy development and advocacy work. These efforts are centered on our three focus areas. Learn more

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