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ICEJ Statement of Principles

Many faith community members have signed the Statement Principles written below. We invite you to sign too.

Print out the Statement (PDF), complete it, and fax it to: attention ICEJ at (408) 269-0183


The Interfaith Council Statement of Principles

We, as religious leaders and people of faith express our commitment to the values of our sacred texts and their concern for all workers, employed or not, especially the working poor, whether they are direct employees or contracted out. Therefore we commit ourselves to act so that all workers shall be:

  1. Paid a living wage that allows them to meet the basic needs of their families.
  2. Provided with full healthcare benefits for them and their families.
  3. Employed by companies that abide by all applicable laws—including the right to organize.
  4. Treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve.


A Partial List of Those Who Have Signed Include:

Wilfred Agbayani
Rev. Dr. Eileen Altman
Jeffrey Baerwald
Rev. Dana Bainbridge
Therese M. Becker
Rev. Steven P. Brown
Rev. Michael J. Buckley, S.J
Reena Burtoc
Rev. Luis Calero, S.J.
Rabbi Eli Cohen
Rev. Juanita Cordero RCWP
Rev. Paul Crowley, S.J.
Rev. Michael Patrick Ellard
Rev. Michael Engh, S.J.
Sr. Rosemary Everett
James W. Felt, S.J.
Jane Ferguson
Paul Fitzgerald, S.J.
Rev. John L. Freesemann
Patricia Galli RSM
Sr. Bette Gambonini
Rev. Andrew J. Garaval, S.J.
Rev. Stephen Glauz-Todrank
Rev. Paul J. Goda, S.J.
Carl Hayn
Rev. Lawrence M. Hendel
David A. Howell
Rabbi Debbie Israel
Rev. Alan Jones
Jim E. Kelly
Bishop Brent R. Knudsen
Dave Krenek
Rev. Andres C. LigotElizabeth Lilly
Sophia Lorenz
Rabbi Dana L. Magat
Rev. Firmo Mantovani

Rev. Gerdenio Manuel, S.J.
Rick Merritt
Rabbi Yitzhak Miller
William Minkel, OFM
Br. Charles S. Muscat C.S.
Rev. Lan Ngo, S.J.
 Ugo Nweke, S.J.
Rev. Dennis R. Parnell, S.J.
Jerry Peth
Pat Plant
Rev. Kevin P. Quinn, S.J.
Rev. James W. Reites, S.J.
Rev. Geoff Rimositis
Rev. Francisco D. Rios
Fr. Leonardo Rocha
Rev. Gerald Sakamoto
Rev. Eduardo Samaniego S.J.
Rev. John Sandersfeld
Deacon Donald Sifferman
Mecka Simerly
Matt Smith
Rev. Paul A. Soukup, S.J.
Rev. John Sullivan
Rev. Dr. Archer Summers
Dawn Teuthorn
Rev. Fred Tollini, S.J.
Rev. Fidelis Udaheuka, S.J.
Rev. Tennant Wright, S.J.
Rabbi Joel Fleekop
Rabbi Josh Berkenwald
Rabbi Melanie Aron
Elizabeth Avalos, BVM
Rev. Jon Pedigo



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