... Strategic Relationships for Progressive Leaders

The Leadership Network (LeaderNet) gathers South Bay’s progressive leaders together, providing education and support that helps them build skills as well as develop strong strategic relationships.

Founded in 1997, LeaderNet includes more than 300 members, who seek to:

  • Connect to other leaders who share their values and can support their work;
  • Better understand Santa Clara County’s economic and political trends; and
  • Take effective action in advancing progressive social and political objectives.

Throughout the year, LeaderNet convenes members for training and forums on relevant topics.  The Social Innovators Speaker Series includes meetings with regional and national authors, elected officials and other progressive thought leaders. These interactive sessions give members opportunities to discuss ideas, share insights and look for opportunities to move Silicon Valley toward a brighter future for working families.

For more information on LeaderNet, contact Maria Noel Fernandez.

Working Partnerships Leadership Institute

Beginning with the Leadership Institute, our original seminar-style training for diverse community activists, we have gradually expanded our menu of programs to a list tailored to various points along the hierarchy of leadership positions from community organizer to elected officials of local government. Our goal is to create a pipeline from the grassroots to the halls of power and to prepare those who pass through the pipeline to be effective when they attain these roles. We also offer these programs through our national leadership training arm, the 1000 Leaders Project, in communities across the United States.

Thus our menu includes:

  • The Leadership Institute (known as the Civic Leadership Institute outside Silicon Valley) for community activists from different sectors and constituencies to connect them with each other around a shared analysis of the problems in their region, vision for change and strategy for action.
  • Values-Based Leadership, a four-day intensive course that drafts the top tier of community activists for roles in public leadership.
  • Leading a New Way, a two-day course that develops elected officials' hard skills, technical expertise and strategic savvy to take on the challenges of governance and policy making.
  • Justice Summer, a summer-long training for diverse "next generation" activists 18 to 35 years old to learn the craft of community organizing through a combination of classroom training and hands-on experience adopting precincts to organize around a major campaigns.
  • Call to Action, a one-day, conference-style training of young professionals contemplating public service as a career, professionally or as committed volunteers.
  • Issue-based workshops, typically two to three hours, to give activists and key allies expert-level insight into the policy issues on which we are campaigning together.

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