Job: Campaign Lead
Gig Economy/Worker Voice Project

Do you believe in the power of grassroots organizing and economic justice? Do you want to hold the world’s largest tech companies accountable to a higher standard of treatment for their workers? Join us in building the movement for a just economy in Silicon Valley and across California.

Who we are

Working Partnerships USA is a community organization that brings together the power of grassroots organizing and public policy innovation to drive the movement for a just economy. We do this by organizing large numbers of people, using corporate research and leverage, and electing officials willing to stand up for workers.

We have helped thousands of the lowest-paid workers in Silicon Valley build power through forming unions. We have worked with governments to invest billions in the development of affordable housing. We create pathways to healthcare for everyone including the undocumented and view development with a lens towards racial equity.

As the logical next step in our work, we seek a Campaign Lead to develop and guide our independent organizing of gig economy workers.

What we do

We are working to disrupt the culture of discrimination and racial profiling faced by Uber and Lyft drivers at the hands of customers and the police. We are developing systems to reach out broadly and engage drivers, Taskers, handy workers and others operating under the mobile app model to help them fight the algorithms that run their work lives. We seek to build with workers to lift their voices to win things like portable benefits and the right to organize their workplace.

We seek an organizer who is as excited to meet with Uber drivers after prayers at the Mosque as they are to develop Social Media strategies to reach Handy workers throughout the state because they know it will take multiple strategies to win this fight.

Who you are

The ideal candidate will have experience with labor organizing, preferably in non-traditional worker organizing campaigns, as well as a demonstrated commitment to social justice and equity for low-income, immigrant and communities of color. The ideal applicant will also have some facility with digital organizing.

What you'll be doing

This position will be primarily responsible for creating and implementing models for organizing workers, driving strategy and working with the Executive Director to staff the coalition.

  • Outreach to and recruitment of gig and platform workers via field outreach, social media platforms, peer engagement, leafleting, as well as additional creative outreach strategies. We are committed to reaching a broad base of workers “by any means necessary.”
  • Implement follow up strategy that includes an in-person and digital outreach component.
  • Create an organization of platform workers.
  • Work with a coalition of unions and community groups to organize workers.
  • Develop and run campaigns to win portable benefits legislation and the right to collectively bargain.
  • Help guide new media and social media organizing, including Facebook, Twitter, microsites, blogs and email outreach to enhance on-the-ground work.
  • Organize community meetings, public events and demonstrations, voter education and mobilization initiatives, and other forms of civic engagement and campaign participation.
  • Develop organizing materials including talking points, flyers, fact sheets, etc.
  • Ability to travel throughout California, while maintaining a home based in Oakland or San Jose.
  • Perform other duties as required to support the work of the organization as a whole.

What you bring to our team

  • Commitment to social, racial, economic, environmental, and gender justice.
  • A minimum of three years previous campaign, union or community organizing experience.
  • Strong work ethic and personal commitment to excellence.
  • Willingness to learn, ability to work well with others and to be flexible.
  • Creative thinking, a start up mentality and willingness to work with a spirit of experimentation.
  • Proficiency in a wide array of digital tools such as Facebook ads, CRMs,and peer-to-peer texting.
  • Ability to work irregular and extended hours, including some nights and weekends, as campaigns require.
  • Valid drivers license, car insurance and reliable vehicle.


  • Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to work well under pressure.
  • Respect for people from all walks of life.
  • Proficiency in a second language, preferably Spanish, highly desired.

Salary & Benefits

Salary $60,000 to $67,000, based on experience. Full benefits package includes health, dental, and vision insurance as well as paid vacations, holidays and sick leave.

This position can be housed in either our San Jose or Oakland office, based on applicant preference.