Jeff Barrera

Communications & Data Director

Jeff leads our communications team, crafting narratives and using digital storytelling to explain policy issues and amplify the power of organizing.

Thanks to a community organizer father, Jeff worked on his first political campaign at age six — with the mission-critical job of cutting apart rolls of stickers. After debating whether to be a web developer, action movie director, or policy wonk, Jeff discovered advocacy communications combines almost all his interests (there are fewer explosions).

He has worked with campaigns and advocacy groups including the Center on Policy Initiatives in San Diego, the Center for American Progress in Washington, DC, and the first-in-the-nation Opportunity to Work ballot initiative. He has also covered transportation and land use issues as a journalism student, with stories picked up by SFGate and KQED.

In September 2016, Jeff joined the Working Partnerships staff as the resident information designer, data scientist, and programmer. He became Communications & Data Director in 2019, looking for new ways to communicate about campaigns and fighting a losing battle that data is plural.

Jeff came to the Bay Area to attend Stanford University, where he earned a BA in Urban Studies and a Masters from the Graduate Journalism Program. When not behind a screen, Jeff can usually be found in the pool or on the mat — the martial arts of Aikido and Eskrima keep him (relatively) sane.