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Historic vote moving $950M affordable housing bond this November

June 23, 2016

Yesterday, the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to place a $950 million affordable housing bond on the November ballot to combat homelessness and address our regional housing crisis.

The size and scope of this bond is unprecendented, aiming to develop thousands of safe and affordable homes in the Valley.

This would not have been possible without bold leadership from Supervisor Cindy Chavez and Board President Dave Cortese and the unwavering commitment of Supervisors Ken Yeager, Mike Wasserman and Joe Simitian to taking this kind of aggressive action to end homelessness in Santa Clara County.

We are painfully aware of the complex causes and the brutal effects of homelessness in Silicon Valley. We see the impact in our research on jobs, housing and the economy. We hear about it from the voters and community members we talk to daily about leading the fight to change this Valley. And we feel it in our gut each time a worker who is facing homelessness walks through our door to access crisis services.

This proposal targets investment to the most vulnerable residents in our community, delivering a hand up to those who can benefit the most.

We've been privileged to partner with leaders in labor and across the public, nonprofit and private sectors committed to end homelessness in our Valley. We will be counting on you and our whole community to pull together and make this opportunity a reality this November.