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450,000 renters are now protected from unjust eviction

May 10, 2017

Last night, the San Jose City Council voted 9-2 for the Just Cause urgency ordinance, putting crucial new protections for renters into effect immediately. Now 450,000 tenants in San Jose can no longer be evicted without a valid reason.

Since the Council first voted to develop a Just Cause ordinance last month, we’ve seen a rise in no cause evictions as unscrupulous landlords sought to evict tenants before the new rules took effect. This urgency ordinance prevents any more last-minute evictions from landlords trying to game the system.

Thank you to Mayor Sam Liccardo, Vice Mayor Magdalena Carrasco, and Councilmembers Sergio Jimenez, Raul Peralez, Sylvia Arenas, Tam Nguyen, Don Rocha, Lan Diep, and Chappie Jones for acting to prevent a flood of last-minute evictions.

We couldn't have won last night without everyone who came out to City Hall, signed our petition to the Council, and worked so hard for Just Cause and the urgency ordinance, especially our partners in the Silicon Valley Renters’ Rights Coalition.