Safe at our schools

January 20, 2017

Our public schools should be places where students and their families feel welcomed, supported and valued. Yet in the current political environment, far too many students, parents and community members are living in fear of harassment, discrimination and deportation.

That's why we've come together with a coalition of teachers, administrators, school boards and advocates for human rights to pass policies declaring schools as safe zones for all students and families.

At a press conference Wednesday afternoon, seven of the largest districts in the South Bay announced plans for resolutions that prohibit collaboration between schools and ICE, provide resources for students and parents who feel at risk, and reaffirm the legal obligation for schools to provide free public education to all students, regardless of immigration status.

These resolutions help spread a message of compassion, collaboration and mutual support among students, parents and school administrators. We'll continue to work with our coalition members to pass such resolutions in every district in Santa Clara County.

We know that public schools cannot fulfill their mission of providing top-quality education when the community lives in fear. These resolutions will help ensure every child has the safe, supportive and welcoming environment they need to concentrate in the classroom.