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Tuesday night...

November 17, 2017

On Tuesday night, our coalition of renters, advocates, and community organizations faced off against corporate landlords that have waged the biggest campaign against renters’ rights in recent San Jose history.

Hundreds turned out at City Hall, testifying for hours about why renter protections are so critical amidst our housing crisis.

In the face of intense pressure from the landlord companies, we blocked efforts to make landlords less accountable, we stood strong to keep Just Cause protections from unfair evictions, and we stopped a proposal to let landlords pass maintenance costs onto tenants.

But we didn't win everything – and we will keep fighting together to protect renters and take on our region's housing crisis. We heard from so many people last night about how skyrocketing rents are harming our families and communities.

As new tech developments like the San Jose Google campus transform our city and threaten to push prices even higher, it's more important than ever that our community stands together for our renting families.