Update on reforming Prop 13

April 5, 2018

We're on track to make history by qualifying an initiative to reform Proposition 13 for the first time in 40 years.

This is our opportunity to close commercial property tax loopholes and hold corporations accountable to paying their fair share for the services we all rely on.

We have decided to qualify this initiative for the 2020 ballot. This is an epic battle, and taking on the fight in 2020 will best set us up to win — this gives us two years to lay the foundation against a fierce opposition that has pledged to spend over $100 million to fight any reforms.

Our work continues now to qualify for 2020: we have until mid-June to gather the 900,000 signatures statewide we need to get on the ballot, and we’ve already hit 25% of our goal.

The sooner we qualify, the higher on the ballot we’ll be. We need to keep growing, keep our momentum up, and keep having conversations with our family, friends, and allies about what closing commercial property tax loopholes in Proposition 13 will mean to our communities.