A big win for Silicon Valley security officers

August 25, 2018

After more than five years of negotiations, actions, delegations, and more, thousands of security officers at Silicon Valley tech companies like Facebook and Google will get pay increases, higher healthcare contributions and paid holidays after ratifying their first ever union contract!

Service Employees International Union-United Service Workers West achieved one of the largest private sector organizing efforts in California history to make a major difference to the lives of thousands of people and families in our area. It just goes to show that when we fight, we win!

Silicon Valley Rising has fought for and won better pay and conditions for more than 5,500 service workers in our region. Thank you for supporting this campaign and helping to make these victories possible! 

Our region's service workers are at the hard edge of inequality in Silicon Valley. They tirelessly service the tech campuses where billions of dollars of profits are made annually, yet barely make enough money to survive – even after exhausting 16 hour shifts. Many have lived in this area for generations, long before the tech riches arrived that has priced them out.

We're thrilled that many are now getting better wages, benefits and healthcare, but we know that much more needs to change to address the inequality that our region has become world famous for.