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Statement on the murder of George Floyd

May 29, 2020

Justice for George Floyd

Artwork by Shirien

Our hearts are heavy with grief and rage at the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police this week. We stand in solidarity with George Floyd’s family, and with Black communities, organizers and leaders both in Minnesota and around the country who are demanding justice in his name.

George Floyd’s murder reminds us of the painful truth that white supremacy and anti-Black racism remain the most dangerous and virulent pandemics in this country since its founding. They shape the patterns of power, health, and wealth that our communities are experiencing daily and that COVID-19 has only sharpened. And eradicating these forces from our institutions and systems must be at the center of all of our movements for justice.

Because none of us are free until all of us are free. And we cannot win a just economy, inclusive democracy, or dignity, safety, and power for working families if our Black loved ones, family, friends, and neighbors cannot walk down the street, drive in their cars, or simply EXIST without fear of being killed.

We join the call for a thorough and transparent investigation into George Floyd’s death and for the officers involved to be brought to justice for the murder they committed. But we know arrests alone are not enough, as long as our systems are defined and maintained by those who hold wealth and power and treat corporate property and profit in higher regard than Black lives.

It is up to all of us to confront these forces in our lives and to work together to build new systems that value, cherish, and protect Black lives at the center. We believe in a world where Black people can live and love fully, pursue their dreams, care for their families, and shape and build power in their workplaces and communities without fear. We stand with Black community organizers and leaders here in the Bay Area and around the country who are charting the path forward. And we are committed to channeling the collective power of our community-labor coalition in support of transformative change to ensure safety, health, and freedom for our Black loved ones and neighbors.

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